Thursday, June 18, 2009

here are some interesting pics. of me and my best friend taylar! this might shock you so if you have freakazoidfobia then you might want to be careful...... i am warning you these are deadly......

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sharon ann said...

This is Taylar,

(i just farted) =)
These pics are like so amazingly fantabulous =) i love them.. too bad we didnt put that "special" one of me on.. it was purdddy =)
I lovelike these pictures =)

keep on being your amazingly weird, photogenic, and odd self...
if you dont stay like that we cant take any more pictures... and that woul;d be SADD

ily bff ...ya c i write best friend, u just write friend =(

luv your friend =(

peace, luv, and chicken fingers =)